Three Ways To Earn Extra Income


Do you constantly struggle to pay the bills on time? Do you want to save more money and earn additional income? In this fast pace environment where money flies as fast as time, people never run out of excuses to spend. Despite the global downtrend of the economy, the evolution of political landscape, the rise of extremism, and continuous war in the Middle East, only one thing is constant: the need for money and financial stability. To help you with your challenges, below are three suggestions on earning extra income:

1. A part time job is still a job. Is your current job not sustainable
enough? Help is needed everywhere. Don’t know where to start? Find your strength and maximize your capability. As easy as it sounds, everyone has their own set of skills whether it is as simple as baking, gardening, selling, or even taking care of pets. Develop what you have and offer your services online. Scan the internet and use technology to help you move forward by marketing yourself. Think of long term results. By doing what you are good at, you don’t only make extra income but you also find joy in what you are doing. Find
a good avenue that will need your expertise and make sure you excel at it.Begin by creating a facebook page, think of a good catch phrase. For example, if you are good at baking low fat and healthy cookies, you may use“The Skinny Baker”. Next, look for a local website that can help you advertise your service for free, connect with the right people. And once you got a customer, always prepare a name card for future references. Remember the best way to market yourself is through word of mouth so make sure to treat your customers well.

2. Sell. Take a look at your closet, kitchen, and appliances. Make money of what you don’t need. There’s treasure in your trash. It might be a time for spring cleaning; segregate what you need and what you haven’t use for the past 6 months. Most of the time, we keep things for future use which results to hoarding and piling up of unnecessary things and at the same time, taking up needless space. You need extra income now, and what’s for future use is not a priority. Sell online or at a local marketplace. You may want to do a garage sale, an online shop, or join a forum that specialize in selling second hand items.
3. Review your finances and fine tune your income. Have you ever checked your monthly bills and checked all your subscriptions? From mobile phone subscription, TV, internet service, and other expenses. What can you compromise and what can you live without? Have a thorough check and you will surprised with what you can save. Do you really watch the 100 channels you subscribed on cable TV when you are rarely at home to watch TV? How about the unlimited calls and SMS when you can use facebook messenger? Or the gym membership when you can workout at home? Compare your actual usage and what you have signed up for, and see whether you can downgrade or find an alternative cheaper subscription.
There are numerous ways of earning extra income. To summarize it all, it is about fine tuning your priorities, finding time in believing in what you can offer and how much it’s worth, sorting out your needs from wants, and finding time to rethink it over. And slowly, you will find yourself not only earning more but organized and having clearer direction. Start now. Remember that opportunity is in your hands. It may just be the peace of mind that you’ve been longing for.