Creating a Startup Business

You have an idea in mind. You have a product that you know will take off. You want to have your own startup company. So many ideas come into your mind but you don’t know where to start.

They say, everyone can be an entrepreneur. Although this statement has some truth to it, not everyone becomes successful at it.

How do you become a successful entrepreneur then? Here are things you need before you start your own business.


business plan mind map

Your Business Plan

Create a business plan.

A business plan is the blue print for your startup. Not only will it put your ideas and goals into perspective, but it will also help you realize its strengths and weaknesses. It will uncover every aspect of your business to help you build it and give it better structure and support.

I don’t know how. Your business plan doesn’t necessarily have to be a formally written one. Essentially, a business plan will contain all the information you need to create the winning strategy for your startup. It contains a detailed outline of what you plan to accomplish.

  • What is the nature of the business do you want to start?
  • How does it help or solve people’s problems?
  • What are the benefits of your product/business? How viable is your product or services?
  • Who are your target customers? Who are your potential competitors?
  • What are the milestones for development? How long does it take to accomplish each?
  • How much do you need to start your business? Where can you get funding?
  • What are the possible difficulties and pitfalls you may encounter along the way? What are the solutions?

Model After Successful Entrepreneurs

You now have your own business plan, now what?

Try to find out what successful startup owners in your niche have done in order to achieve results. Surely these people have done something right to achieve the level of success they have reached.

Look for meaningful articles about successful startup owners, entrepreneurs and businesses that you may follow and model after.

Take Action

Give yourself a concrete timeline on what you need to accomplish on the road to making your startup a reality. Start with baby steps you can take in order to reach your goal.

Perhaps you need some training on business management to help you understand the financial aspect of your startup. Or maybe, you need to make a working prototype of your product. There are a lot of things you can start doing right away that will help you move forward with your plans even if you are still working full time as of the moment.

Possible Pitfalls

So you are now building your startup business. Nobody said it would be easy.  Be on the lookout for the common challenges and pitfalls that may be detrimental to your success.

Tax Problems. If you do not want to get in trouble, be sure your taxes are in-check. Some startups incur payroll problems because of misdeclarations in an effort to reduce costs.

Solution: If you have problems with tax, be sure to consult a tax professional or get tax debt relief if you are being chased for back taxes which you may not know of. Tax debt relief companies help you get the best resolution to your tax woes.

Negative Reviews. Despite your best effort in giving your best customer service, you can’t please everyone. You may have some bad reviews from previous customers or perhaps customer complaints from your service.

Solution: Even the top companies wordwide have negative customer feedbacks. The important factor is how you deal with criticism. Always have room for improvement. Examine all angles to know what might have caused people to give out less than stellar feedback.

Insufficient Funds. Perhaps you are not hitting your financial goals as of the moment. Or maybe your overhead cost is too burdensome as of the moment.

Solution: Outsource. Many short term or even long term possible job posts which you can outsource. If the work is not regular of can be done part time, examine the cost of getting a full time employee vs. outsourcing to a specialized company.


Starting a Startup business is not for everyone. It is a long process that needs time and dedication. While there is no magic formula that can determine the success of your startup, the points above will certainly put the odds in your favor.

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